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I recently read the book Back Labor No More by Janie McCoy King ... I have never seen this information anywhere else (in my 3+ years of reading books and websites on natural childbirth) or heard of any other childbirth education method teaching it.
I'm serious when I say that Back Labor No More is a must-read for all doulas, childbirth educators, doctors, midwives, maternity nurses, and pregnant women, especially pregnant women who have had back labor before, think that one of the categories above may describe them, or have a baby who tends to hang out in the posterior position (or the right occiput transverse position, since these often rotate to posterior). Although you won't find this book in your bookstore or local library, the information makes it worth ordering. It is very easy to pay for it through PayPal on the author's website, and if you are paying with a credit card, you don't even need a PayPal account. You can also order it through Amazon.

By Brittany on May 4, 2011

I am so glad that I ordered this book before I had my baby. So easy to understand and use the techniques. I had a really short labor, but when the back labor began, I tried the belly lift technique just to try to get some relief. I should have heeded the author's advice(be where you want to have your baby when you do this!) as I had my baby in less than 20 minutes afterward!!!! I believe if more women had this information the hours of labor would be way shorter. I am so thankful for this book. I guess that I was empowered by it and I really enjoyed the fact that it helped me redirect my daughter from my tailbone to the birth canal and that damn back labor was over!!! lol! Really, if you are thinking about buying it, you will enjoy it and you can meet your sweet little one faster with less of that back labor pain!!! Thank you again for this book. They are also fast with the shipping

By MamaGould on July 17, 2011