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As a math major at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, Janie McCoy King developed a thorough understanding of vectors and their applications to natural occurences. Little did she guess that childbirth would lead to her most significant application of this knowledge. Ms. King's "short rise" and a childhood injury made back labor inevitable. In 1985, faced with her fourth delivery, and painfully aware that back labor was no minor inconvenience, she analyzed her three prior birth experiences and began to see vectors at work in labor and delivery. When she applied this insight to her fourth delivery, the results were remarkably effective. The pain was abolished, and her son, Thomas, was born within twenty minutes.

Back Labor No More!! grew out of Ms. King's vision and her one-woman crusade to demystify back labor and share her discoveries with others. This book has finally, after four years of development, been published and is now available through the largest, nationwide book wholesaler - Baker & Tayor.